Internet Routing Registry

A globally distributed routing information database

About the Internet Routing Registry

This site is designed to promote coordination of the Internet Routing Registry (IRR), the union of world-wide routing policy databases that use the Routing Policy Specification Language (RPSL). We hope that other members of the IRR community will contribute ideas, information, and news to this new site.

This site is operated by Merit Network, Inc. Merit also operates the RADB and provides the largest Routing Registry mirror site on the Internet.

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The IRR is a distributed set of databases that are individually operated by organizations such as NTT, RIPE NCC, Savvis, Level3, etc. The RADB is just one component of the IRR. However RADB's mission is to mirror all component databases so as to provide the most complete view possible of the entire IRR. Currently by querying the Merit whois server data from 17 different databases can be found.

Be sure to read our FAQ if you're wondering whether your organization should participate in the IRR. If you have questions about the IRR, please send email to the Merit database team at

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